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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gathering of Many

Sorry, we didn't have the camera out last night. But you can see pic of our dessert if you go to Kathy's Spot on Cedar Pond for Grandma's Apple Pie .

Our new good friends came down from up north and a family, Kathy's, from the Saturday group enjoyed our usual Friday night gathering with us . We held gathering here at our house to give the Cabiniers a break, they are working hard on their house and her mom's.

So naked, bear naked (watch out for any left over staples) floor and all, we had Gathering here. We love having Gatherings at our house and could easily become Gathering hoarders. Someday though we will have our Tavern (in the old sense of tavern, a place for weary travelers to catch their breath and a bit of heaven on earth) God willing and providing. And then we will have my dream, a constant gathering of His Body as we feed our corner of a hungry world.

But for now I am happy to have gathering here when we can and to open up our "lodgings" for our over night guest.

A view of our "lodge" from our front porch

Complete with the Laundry house in the fore ground

But now I have to help Bet finish making breakfast for our guests!


Melli said...

Sounds like good fun! Enjoy it!

KathyB. said...

Jim and I had a WONDERFUL time !I will share some pictures later...having a problem in that department right now....

Having fellowship with long time precious friends and new precious friends ( hope this doesn't sound sappy ) the word of a popular T.V. commercial..."priceless" !KathyB.