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Friday, August 22, 2008

Smell That: Summer Style

Mmm ummm ummm umm um,

I sure wish that through the miracle of technology I could share the scent as well as the sight of these beauties!

But then some of you would have to quickly escape until the fragrance dissipated. To which I am not sure I get.

I know there are some things that obviously don't smell to everyone like they were intended to smell. I have a friend who has always thought that Channel #5 smells like horse sweat, but then again maybe it really does smell like that cause I personally love the smell of horse sweat, others might too.

There is a perfume that Nordstrom sells, or used to, that I always thought smells like wet tobacco leaves to me, but then again I could see that really they meant for it to smell like that, what little girl doesn't love the smell of her grandpa's cigar, and gentlemen surely love cigars so maybe it really is supposed to smell like wet tobacco.

The following floral treat could, for some, smell like cat spray, for that is what poor Dirt thinks of my lovely lilies that I so look forward to every year. He is a darling to suffer "cat spray" for a month. I hope that is not the case with you dear reader.

I hope dear reader, you can enjoy and perhaps in your mind smell the sweet delicious aroma that completely engulfs my funny little living room at present. (It is cold outside and terribly so last evening but I just can't close the windows for fear of missing a moment of their scent.)

These light pink ones, which I don't remember the name of and the white ones, Casa Blanca are right outside my living room window to the north.

This last group of lovelies are potted up and sitting inches away from my living room window on the south side of the house. So my living room really is filled with their fragrance. But if it isn't enough for you to sit in the room and breath it in deeply you may go outside and bury our face in the lovely blossoms. Not to fear the yellow pollen because I always do my best to remove the anthers so that they do not spoil the pristine white or prematurely age the blossoms. Please enjoy.


Dr.John said...

You do have wonderful flowers and with wonderful flowers comes wonderful smells.

KathyB. said...

Ah, the lilies ! The fragrance of lilies now fills our front yard and is so heavy and such a pleasure...your lilies are lovely. KathyB.

Melli said...

They are GORGEOUS flowers -- but I do NOT like the smell of them! It's sO strong!