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Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Carpet Has Left The Building

No more wall to wall carpet in my life.

Oh wait, there is still some upstairs in my sewing room because the large cracks in the flooring up there swallow up small children and sewing project.

Bet and Anna removed the carpet from the living room yesterday and today I hear Bet tapping away at the tack strips. Anna is off shearing and I well I am writing to you.

Here are some pics that the girls took of each other working at their project yesterday. Anna is very excited. It was her idea to get on it and who am I to refuse help.

She's working pretty hard at it. This is the final end of the room. They have moved furniture back and forth to get to this stage. However when I got home I did find that my dining room I couldn't find.

Like mother like daughters, not big on prep work. Butcha know the work gets done eventually. Some of us just have dive in with our inspiration.

Anna loves to feel accomplished. She's a hard worker when she knows she can tackle it. It also helps when it is her idea.

They just keep working and working...

Well for the most part.

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