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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Sheep Herding Ride

They're headed home by the resident sheep herders.

Another great sheep herding ride.

But not on horse back today.

Come on, get going.

Ah, a little self portrait, why do they never seem to turn out.

Hi Bet! Hi Anna!

Moving the sheep from the back sixty to the front twenty takes them through a lovely wooded belt.

Where the grass is very lush. Martin, do you see this problem. So, you think you are dog enough to solve it or do we need to go get the Border Collies?

It looks as if Martin can get this crowd under control after all.

He has taken some lessons from the Border Collies. And he is determined to let Dirt know that he is all this farm needs. No reason to replace the aging Border Collies with any one but him.
Ah, the back gate finally. And it looks as if they are getting through it.
Yes, they are through it and now Martin is going to make sure that the lead sheep do not cause a pile up. He is pretty smart about these sheep after all.

The horses are not impressed however by being replace by the four wheeler today. Maybe this evening's trek to eat out back will be orchestrated by those who ought to have the job. Those four wheelers just do not give you that same bucolic feeling that we do.

Those Border Collies need to stand up for themselves though. What are we? Our doggies keepers?


Melli said...

Yea... I know the battle of MAN against machinery... WE have to stand up for OURselves too! I hope the horses get a good workout!

Dr.John said...

I love the dog. He can work the sheep.

Amber Star said...

Your self portrait came out lovely. I enjoyed the ride with you and your daughter. Your farm is so nice.