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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What Happens When Roy Gets Jealous

Last evening, as we finished up in the pastures with a few incidental chores, Easy came over to visit the new horses over the fence that separates them till they can manage to get along better.

Holly wasn't much impressed and ignored the Grand Mare of the farm. That's fine Ivan was friendly enough for the two of them.

Ivan and Easy scratched each other till the cows came home, in that horsey sort of way that you get a good scratch. They flirted and chatted up a storm. Easy let Ivan know just how she liked it best and Ivan, willing to do anything to impress the Alpha Mare, worked his best magic on her.

Roy was not impressed and did his best to ignore it all.

But then he had had enough.

Holly took her irritations out at the scene. When Roy came over to the fence to express his displeasure with the cavorting Holly just marched over to the scene, bit her Ivan in the behind and gave him a good whallop as she walked off.
But Roy was not through with his punishment to Easy that quickly, this afternoon the evidence was clear. Some time last night Roy had made Easy wipe all that little gelding slobber off on the nearest fir tree. A pitchy one to boot.

Thanks Roy, now I have to try and brush it all out. Hope you all get over yourselves soon.

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