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Friday, August 15, 2008

Last Evening's Sheep Grazing

A tired sheep shearer, sheep dealer, sheep driver, takes a nap with his sheep safely in their pen.

Bet with Janie and some reading material for our family evening out back with the sheep.

Do you see our Anna across the pond?

She has been inspired by the Olympics.

Up the hill she comes.

She's huffin, she's puffin. She's still smilin.

But she collapses.
While we are out here I will try to catch a picture of a dragonfly for a little thing that a blogger friend is doing. Oh well they are too fast out here too.
Up over the hill and here is Dale, our landlord, and Eddy, his little helper.
One more try at the dragonfly thing, they seem to fly slower over the grass, so I'll lie down and see if I can get one this way. Oh bother all I get is blue sky and munching in my ear.
Munch, munch, munch,

munch, munch, munch

The sky is changing a lovely color and the moon is rising.
time to head the sheep back home to the protection of the barnyard.

The mountain is a beautiful color out here as we pack up and head the sheep home. But when we get home this is the sky that greets us:

And that was Thursday's wonderful end.

This evening, Friday, we are at the Bowerman's for a quick swim before the gathering of the Body.

See you soon dear reader.

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