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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What The Heck?

Okay, are you listening to George Noory tonight? My husband is sound asleep but I know if I try to turn off the radio he will just roll over in his sleep and turn it right back on.

Katherine Albrecht is something else, man she is sure worried. I guess every generation needs a good worrier or two, on both sides. Go Al, Go Katherine.

So how many RFID chips are lurcking in your clothing do you think? And is your life so exciting that the government wants to know? Mine sure is! Illegal children, illegal animals, illegal somethin' elses I'm sure! No one is knocking on my door, darn, never any excitement.

Hey! this could bring back that whole cool thing we used to do in High School - trade clothes for the week with our friends. That'll over work their stinking tracking system cause I am sure the government wants to know what I am doing on Thursday! But then they'll think that I'm my friend and my other friend is me. That'll serve them right for spying!

I wonder if they put RFID's in egg cartons - anyone out there know the answer to that? Fellow Coast to Coast-ers?

Uh oh now there is a new guy on and I heard them mention the Pope.... ah the Pope and UFO's umh, umh.

ARRRGHH I wish another radio station came in at night. With a midnight car talk. Or radio food network. _ oooh maybe not, the kitchen is no place to be in the middle of the night, conscious or unconscious.


KathyB. said...

You know, Lanny, this is why blogging has been so healthy for more late night T.V., just reading very entertaining blogs !

I sometimes start to get a little paranoid myself, but then, can our government really keep track of all the info it takes in, and what can it do with all the I.D. stuff...but wait, talk radio and conspiracy buffs will tell us...and sometimes I do believe they're right ! KathyB.(p.s. i think someone is listening through my know they embed stuff in them, i heard it on the @#$%^ show )

Melli said...

I don't even know who George Noory IS... but I'm not sure I WANNA know! If the government wants to know what I'm up to at any given moment of any given day, all they pretty much gotta do is check my blog! LOL! But if they wanna install chips all around that's fine! My dog eats chips! She loves them!