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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tia, Your The Greatest!

Tia, my photography consultant, swung by the farm today with a catalog and current prices of the cameras that we talked about on Thursday while she was here.

She takes phenomenal pics. She photoed my second oldest's wedding in '04 and those pictures were stunning!

She is great! and if you would like to see her stuff or have her take your family pics or somin' like that you can find her at

If you go to this second one you can see pics of second daughter's wedding! , they are Mike and Michelle!

Saying for the coming month: 'Encourage young entrepreneurs'.

Okay I'm done, Dirt is about ready to ban me from blogging so, ttfn.


Dr.John said...

I hope you find just the camera you want and need.

Melli said...

Yep! What HE said! Hope you find the perfect one! BUT... might I add... in addition to new cars, I BET God can pick a good camera too! ASK Him!

Lanny said...

Ahhh, yes I am looking for a camera but definitely not a car.

That was just to explain how much I dislike salesmen and some of my husband's friends are salesmen, that I am now going to have a very different attitude towards, brought on by my chastisment from the Holy Spirit.

Yes I agree, God sends people to help me figure things out and I know he sent Tia. Everything she suggested not only was what I was looking for, she found them at a great price, way lower than I thought I would be paying. But most people who sell you something, even if they are sent by God, wouldn't tell you "this one is picked by God." But I know what God has done. And I am confident in Tia listening to God and sugggesting just the right one. So yes, God did direct me to just the right camera.