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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I get the feeling that my sense of humor isn't so stinking funny to the rest of my world right now, so I guess it may really be a case of heat stroke not a funny bone.

So I am going to take the girls in to Rebecca's for a swim, because the pond is not appealing to me as a swimming hole. Somethings I do, or don't do, are age appropriate.

Maybe it is just a generational pendulum swing thing. You'd think some people came straight from their grandmother's serious womb instead of from their parent's.

But then again, when other people appear to agree with them, clearly it must be true. Or a medical condition.

I promise, that when I get back home, I will refrain from being funny, or trying to be as the case may be. Maybe my humor is like my use of commas, a bit over the top.

Appoligies to one and all.


KathyB. said...

What are you apologizing for...? I find your humor and use of commas generous on the GOOD side, after all, we SPEAK in commas, so why can't we write in commas, I mean, you know, they say the key to a good writer is to be yourself and write what you know ?

All kidding aside ( no pun intended ) loved the last blog about herding sheep on horseback I am jealous of all you pasture...and that you have herding horses and herders there to herd the sheep ! KathyB.

Dr.John said...

We both suffer from trying to hard to be funny and from too many comas.

Melli said...

Ohhhhh nooooo! Did you go a bit BONKERS today? My kids HATE it when that happens to me! Thankfully it happens to THEM much more frequently than it does to ME! But ... you should just tell THEM to get over theirselves! Silliness ROCKS!