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Sunday, August 3, 2008


Gathering wood at gathering of the Body.
I love it when gathering involves some actual, physical doing.
It beats the heck out of a gym membership any old day.That's me just standing around, loafing, if I went to a gym I would just watch everybody there too. Oh, did you think I liked to do the physical stuff.... Those buns there off to the right, now that fellow enjoys doing the physical stuff. He was a one man log splitter. Tried to knock his dad senseless when dad reach for a piece of wood.

Betti Spagetti works hard too. Loading up Jim and Kathy's trailer. Anna was helping Bet but then she went inside for something. She brought out cold drinks for everybody, kept Sheila company and took a couple of pics of us. When the babies arive then she really starts to work. Wrestling the babies from their mother's arms!

This is the gi normous pile that still needs to be cut and split.
Happy gathering.


CaroltheRose said...

make me homesick whydontcha

KathyB. said...

Wow, when Tom said the trailer was filled , he meant it !

We would rather have been chopping and stacking wood with our brothers and sisters than spending time in the E.R. and recovering at home !Missed you all. KathyB.

Dr.John said...

All that work is good for the health and cuts down on heating costs.
A good set of pictures.
If you want people to visit you need to open your profile. To get her I had to go back to your friend's blog and then here.