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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Great Thing About Being A Girl

The great thing about being a girl is that you don't know you can't do something. Or at least it only takes a little bit of time to talk yourself into the impossible. Dirt is always amazed at what I managed to do while he was out. Not that he thinks a girl couldn't do it and a guy could, its more to the idea that no one in there right mind would attempt it because it is just basically impossible. (Or at least that's what he says when I ask him to do a particular something for me. hmmm.)

Like today, as I was painting the built ins that we have had for, oh ten years, I was irritated with the cord issue. I need electricity to the area but the closest is a plug in a couple of feet away. Which then causes a big fat ugly cord to go running up my cupboard door fronts. So decided that I was done hearing how this idea or that idea wouldn't work and so I did it myself.

The cord needs to go from here

To here

Through here,

see the stick (I know it is hard to see cause it is brown like the floor and I don't know how to put an arrow on the pic.), it will need to be trimmed. But mostly I want t make a hole in the top of the cabinet to feed the plug down through. I'll cut the strip that goes under the cupboard door later. (I dislike the big fat saw (ask the Wingmaster or his son to show you why sometime).)

Got the bore bit for the drill and the drill, estimated the distance I would have to be away from the edge so as not to run into the support boards and began drilling.

Now I realized the bad thing about being a girl is that it takes a little time to rustle up the courage to just dive in and when you get the courage you go ahead and dive before you loose courage. Hence, often you have a small mess on your hands that you wouldn't have had if you didn't always have to talk yourself into things and then dive like a crazy girl. Messes like wood chips in wet paint.

But with the help of the shop vac and a good rag and a new swipe of paint its back to looking okay. Oh wait I forgot to sand out the hole, but now I've painted. Oh well, the girls want to go for a ride and want me to go too so I am off. I will come back when the paint is dry and finish my job. Maybe by then Dirt will be home and he can cut the stick.


Dr.John said...

If you want something done and dirt won't do it you just have to do it yourself. It looks like it is coming along well.

Melli said...

So... did he? For years and years and yeeeeeeeeears I was a girl who would do EVERYTHING for myself. Well I sorta HAD to being I was a single mom for 10 years! (and I was a sheet metal worker!) But after being married for a few years, I decided that I didn't HAVE to do that stuff anymore - that's why God gave me a HUSBAND! 22 years later I'm back to doing it MYSELF if I want it done - and done right! LOL!