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Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Farm Visitors

I'm going into town to pick up Rebecca and her girls to come and hang out with us, Rebecca with me and the little girls with the big girls. We don't normally segregate children from adults but my girls are sitting with Grandpa Lou again today.

I'm going in to pick them up so that Mike can come out tonight and they will only have one vehicle to drive home.

So off I go to get more farm visitors - I love weeks like this!


Dr.John said...

Sometimes the special weeks come.

Melli said...

Any time spent with your children and grandchildren is BEST time!!! Have FUN!!!

I don't think you and I read that question about a divided heart the same way! LOL! I "compartmentalized" it to mean the things most important to my heart - God, family, friends... You (and others) took it to be tearing your heart in two directions... So, both of our answers were pretty much the same... just read differently! :) I certainly agree that I can not love without His love first! ;)