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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Big Truck

The big green truck was here at eight this morning. I love Mike's big green truck. When I opened the door to put the check and list of phone numbers of the buyers in on the seat I get a wave of nostalgia. The inside of his truck reminds me of my dad's fuel oil delivery trucks. This winter I will make sure I roust up some pics of my dad's trucks and post them with some memories of my childhood having the greatest man that ever lived as a father. (sorry Dirt. You do remind me of him though dear!)

Mike got straight to work. A man of few words. Unless he is telling a story about eating sandwiches in the barn. He does a nice job, we have used him as our farm slaughter guy ever since we started this life twenty-three years ago.

The girls watch between fetching the lambs from the barn for Mike. Probably watching close for some pointers next time they have some road kill or vermin on their hands. Purr Bob is in on it too. I think he is waiting for some tidbits to come his way. Fluffy Joe was stealing lamb ankles when I came out to take these pics.

Over the years, all four of our girls have helped Mike out when he comes. As parents we felt it was important for our children to understand the cycle of life and what it takes to put food on the table. That's why they also work in the garden, tend the chickens, milked the goats when we had them and do most of daily chores while I sit inside watching soaps and eating bonbons.

My girls, all four, are often better gardeners than me, even my second out classes me, I could never have turned an apartment balcony into a precious garden like she did. It is for certain that they are far beyond me in animal husbandry. They are notorious for stitching up ripped up poultry from the landlord's over zealous Labradors. I'm was a nurse and I'm not sure I would attempt that, or nonchalantly give animals shots when they needed them.

As a family we appreciate God's bounty and provision. We don't see animals raised for meat, eggs or milk as the enemy of the environment. (We all have a little tree hugger in each of us, land workers are the true environmentalists. My personal opinion of course.)

The problem arises from man's (or woman's) gluttony. Like eating a twenty ounce steak in one sitting by one person. Come on folks, that is a five day meat supply for one. Even a petite steak at eight ounces is really more than enough for two because often we have some other supply of protein in the side or salad that comes with it. This occurs in restaurants and in backyards everywhere, every day. No wonder it is hard on the earth and the person. Normal meat eating, not unlike normal plant eating is not the problem. It isn't what we eat, it is how much we eat or consume. Mindless consumption is the enemy not the type of food we consume. Dirt and I have found that even though we love feasts, having raised our own meat supply makes us far more sensible than before.

To wash away all that necessary unpleasantness here is a beautiful flower to gaze upon.

Unfortunately it is reminding me I have a ton of watering, fertilizing and controlling of pests to do. It certainly takes a lot of work to make a little beauty and sustenance.

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Melli said...

I bet God says that at the end of the day too! It takes a LOT of work! I'm sure glad you tossed that rose in there though... :)