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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What Time Is It?

It is 2:15, I am not living on the Artic Circle, consequently it is very dark right now, but in spite of that our rooster is crowing, a lot. And of course Dirt has his conspiracy-nut-job radio on. Is he listening? No but if I turn it off he'll just turn it back on. I am so happy to hear that a disabled turtle was fitted with prosthetics in the form of a skate board so that she can mate again.

Ahh, the things you too could learn if you were up late at night listening to confused roosters crow. My toe aches so much I am not sleeping well but I guess maybe there are some people and situations that need prayer and if I run out of prayers I could read Teresa of Avila.

Yes, dear reader, I have her back so we can begin to go through Interior Castle together.

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Melli said...

Your not on the "Article" Circle, huh? I thought you were! I thought you had plopped right down in the MIDDLE of Article Circle and started typing... because after all, isn't that what one would DO on Article Circle? I was sure it was!

Praying is the BEST thing to do at 2:15 in the morning - especially when your rooster is confused. Wasn't Dirt snoring? What did you do to your toe? (praying always puts me to SLEEP at 2:15!)