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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Fun Day At The Farm And Another Daughter Comes To Visit

Steph and boys came to visit Monday and stayed till Tuesday, today Michelle came out to play. But before she went out to ride (her favorite thing on the farm to do) she was a trooper and helped the girls with their inside chores. Thanks Chelle!
The circle of discussion. Who gets what tack. Martin waits patiently. I wait patiently. Well not so patiently, I finally decided to take a pic. Easy, my buckskin, was standing so nicely while I brushed her that I figured she would continue while I stepped back to take a pic. But as you can see she is clearly stepping out.

Everything continues after Easy's lead rope gets snatched up and mom gets a lecture from the horsewomen. After we have Roy and Easy all gathered up and ready, we move on to the unknown, getting Ivan and Holly. Bet checks out the bridle for Ivan to make sure everything is a go for when she gets him.

Here I come Ivan, ready or not.
Anna has no trouble at all. All Holly wants to do is cuddle, she doesn't care if she has to wear a bridle while she does it. What a sweetie.

After an aborted trip out to the back clearing (Dale and Eddy were shooting out there) we work the horses in the back pasture. The grass is long and dry, so no running.

Anna gets some help trying to figure Holly out, leg cues, reining, patience and a encouraging calm voice.

Anna calms down, Holly calms down, everyone gets everyone figured out, it's all good.

So the horse that was hard to get and wanted to go off into the brush rather than stay on the trail (see today's other post "How Ivan Got His Full Name") how is he doing? Great. Got it all figured out, the left turns are not impossible. Just needed sometime and a quiet moment to figure out what the trick was.Ooh, look at the pretty thistle. It is so tall. Michelle loves thistle, it's a Braveheart thing. She and Mike have chosen it as part of their family crest. He's a nice fellow. Glad he is part of our family. I am happy to have Michelle out to the farm for the day to play and have dinner with us but I like it better when they both come out. For living close by both sets of our married children we sure don't see them very much.

Oops, here I am yakking away and look who's eating the thistle. It appears Easy likes thistle too. She doesn't have the ears of a mule but I swear this girl is part donkey! Yum.


Melli said...

Oh wow! Can I just send my youngest out to live with you? She would think she had died and gone to Heaven! She spent an entire HOT HUMID Maryland summer MUCKING stalls just for the fun of it... JUST to be NEAR the horses... crazy child! LOL! I'm suspecting you "get" where she comes from!

KathyB. said...

Looks like fun Lanny. You need a couple more horses, don't you think ?

Who needs all those sheep anyway ?KathyB.