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Saturday, August 23, 2008

A New Trick For An Old Dog

Some folks are salesmen (or saleswomen). Some salesmen are salesmen by trade, some are salesmen by nature, some are both. (Everybody whip out your Venn diagrams.)

Dirt will attest to the fact that I am not comfortable with salesmen, especially those who are both so by trade and by nature and find themselves in the car business (furniture business runs a close second).

To say that I am uncomfortable with them I suppose is really misleading. I dislike them and will do anything I can to avoid them. The second to the last vehicle we bought caused Dirt to go to the lots all by himself only to learn that the salesmen do not like to bother showing and discussing a car, without the wife the man is buying for being present. Even though Dirt told the fellow that I have a deep affliction that keeps me from car lots, the fellow would not engage him in anything more than, "This is what we have, mister." without me.

While shopping for the very last vehicle we purchased from a lot, I spent a great deal of time in our truck waiting until Dirt had talked with the fellow. On top of that, this place was one of those no-dicker places, the price is the price take it or leave it. Ahhhh.

I am pretty sure that my aversion to salesmen comes from those in the "salesmen-by-nature" group, and my severe childhood gullibility. A bad mix to say the least. Now, I am not at this time in my life blaming anyone but myself, I'm just saying at that time it was very difficult for me to avoid being talked into doing something or saying something that ought not to have been done or said. And no matter how hard I tried to resist those in the salesmen-by-nature group I spent most of my childhood getting a lecture or some form of reforming punishment or ducking furiously either of those once I recognized I was an idiot before an authority did.

But I am here to say that I, Lanny Person, am ready for a new out look!

Not all salesmen-by-nature are bad or destructive, i can at this moment agree to such a statement. And, I am older if not wiser and somewhat discerning, thereby making it possible to avoid embarrassing or criminally prosecutable moments at the hands of those who have salesmanship in their genetic makeup.

I am looking forward to a bright new future. A future that will make it possible to like, ney, love and embrace those in my husbands circle of friends (okay, no physical embracing) who are of the salesmen-by-nature category. (Lord protect me, please.) I vow to put aside all suspicion and jaw tightening and relax.


KathyB. said...

Well Lanny, you know you can enjoy the 'easy to get along with ' personalities of the salesman types because Dirt can usually see through the sales and shmooze and enjoy them in spite of and because of the like-ability factor that makes salesmen so good at their jobs in the first place !

Just keep your pocketbook safely inconvenient to get at and promise yourself to check out any new snake oils or philosophies on sale for the day. KathyB.

Melli said...

I don't think "we" had met yet when I started nor finished my approximately 6-8 month search for a vehicle -- the main reason it took so long was because after my first round of shopping and learning just HOW MUCH I grandly dislike car salesmen, I simply REFUSED to look anymore for about 4-5 months! I told Dennis if he wanted me to have a new car to go buy one! (now you know... he wasn't doing that!) So we were at a stand-off! I wasn't shopping - he wasn't shopping. I kept driving the gas hog... which really IS the car of my dreams anyway! T'was I that sought and shopped and chose and bought my Expedition! And I LOVED it - for 8 whole years I LOVED it! I still LOVE it! I saw NO reason to get something new... other than the cost of gasoline. And then the passenger side seatbelt broke. The one Mom wears. UGH! He STILL wouldn't shop. So I picked a day, said I was buying a car, asked God to choose - and it was done! HE (God) picked it and I love it! Works for me! Ask God!