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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oooh, I'm Not Doing So Well

Yesterday's sting is now swollen and itching and burning wildly. My wrist is red, tight and hot. but that really isn't the worst of it. In the middle of the night I gave myself whiplash. I have no idea what I was dreaming (that could be a blessing) but I woke myself up sitting up whipping myself around. And oh dear, man o man, my neck went zingityzing and then I couldn't move it. For the rest of the night if I moved I woke up whimpering, this morning I cannot move it without extreme pain. Asked Dirt if I could take one of his magic Vicodin and he released one to me (sheep shearing can be a painful occupation). That was nearly three hours ago and I have not experienced any relief. Oh well.

The girls got up at six this morning to go sit with Terry's dad. He is well into his 90s, not sure his exact age. He has recently had some difficult times, little strokes and other stuff that makes him unable to stay home alone.

I am so pleased that Terry chose to take care of her dad at home that when she needed help I could not imagine not helping. Of course our helping is by no means an altruistic move. Terry pays my girls.

Even more than that, however is the "educational" aspect. We have no idea what will happen in the near future for them. One or both of them may marry into a family where they may have to take care of an adult and this opportunity to help with Terry's dad may prove to be a valuable introduction to that.

Even if it is not in their near future, someday they will draw on this time and gain strength and resolve to do the right thing. Education is all around us and we shouldn't think we need to go to school to learn things that came so automatically to our forebears.

What we all need to do is stop thinking that life is all about fun and filling ourselves with our desires. Then when the unavoidable comes we won't be so stinking surprised, taken off guard and unprepared. Quite frankly I am sure that Bet and Anna are having fun right at this moment. So the right thing needn't be a bummer.

Well, the girls ought to be heading home soon, so I think I may take another of Dirt's magic pills so that I can help them finish painting the living room today and get some gardening done so that next year will be a good year.

Have a very good day dear reader and if anything silly or exciting happens you will be the first to know.


KathyB. said...

You know Lanny, at the rate you're going with the all the freak accidents and night time activity, YOU are just the person the girls are gaining their 'experience' for. Be careful out's a dangerous world. 'Specially at home ! KathyB.

Melli said...

I think if I were you, I would leave the vicadin (since it's not helping) and seek a chiropractor! He'll have ya fixed up in NO time!

How come I've never met you before, and how did you come to end up in my blog today? I am adding you to my google reader!

*sorry... I have no advice for the sting... I guess I should go see what got you... I'll do that.*