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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Capping Off A Week Of Visits

A week of having visitors each day was capped off by having good friends down from up north for the weekend. (See Stephaine and the Boys, A Fun Day At The Farm And Another Daughter Comes To Visit, More Farm Visitors if you need to catch up)

Saturday we went for a walk out in the back forty with the Coulters; Mark, Becky, Justin and Trevor. Dirt wasn't really worried about rain, (note the rain gear) he was doing chores just prior to coming out back.
We did run into a few rain drops during the day but for our walk the sky was beautiful. We enjoyed it and so did all of the dogs. Dale was out in the back mowing some fence lines for Dirt, so his dogs were hanging out with us too. Dog confusion.

The three little girls are always investigating something, their little noses work over time.
Martin's nose was working overtime too. This was perhaps the third and by no means the last time Bet had to go get him away from Dale's dogs, I'm sure Dale wouldn't appreciate having a litter of Lab-Rats.

Enough for our walk, we're heading back to the farm house to see if we can decide what to do. Bye Dale, bye Labradors.
So we went with Anna's pick, and and found ourselves at the Pierce County Fair. Too bad, no Morton Logger's Jubilee, no chain saw exhaust, too late of a start, oh darn.

The fair was fun and the girls got to see some old friends in the swine, sheep and poultry barns. Dirt and I did a lot of strolling down memory lane including finding this up in the poultry barn.If you enlarge this picture and look just to the left of center, you will see our oldest daughter when she was fifteen. She is holding a purple grand champion ribbon, way to go little Stephie! Directly over to the right edge of the poster is a picture of our second oldest, Michelle, age eleven, being grilled by the fit and show judge. The picture just above that is a close up of her during fit and show with her little chicken.

This terrific poster was hanging in the barn because KathyB. was a great superintendent and always did up a poster of each year. It is nice to see that the tradition is being continued.

All in all it was a great day for us, hanging out with new friends and checking up on old friends.

All the Bowermans came out for dinner on Saturday night, Mike and Anne had stayed home for Friday gathering. We were glad to see Anne feeling better. We had a good time catching up with Mike and all his stories.

In the middle of the evening Bet came in with news that some chicken and turkey killers were up in the cherry tree. Martin, her Rat Terrier, had treed them while he was out with Bet putting her poultry away. So all the guys and Bet and Anna went out and "took care" of the problem, while Martin had to come back inside for his safety. He was beside himself.

The girls will probably do some more skinning this week. In respect for some of my sensitive readers, I'll spare you the gory pictures but if you want to see them you can come out to the farm for slide show nights!

We, the Coulters and the Vicks, stayed up late watching one of the best movies of recent, Open Range. More shooting! And the best line, "how's this going to work Sue, if you don't do as I say." Amen!

The late night made for a late morning, but it was all good, no one really had anything pressing this morning.

But sadly we finally had to let our friends go home.


KathyB. said...

You mean they are still keeping up posters in the poultry barn ! Yay...

Had a great time with the company from up north and you all. Thanks. KathyB.

Dr.John said...

When I was well we went every year to the UP State Fair. Your pictures reminded me.