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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Eight O'Clock!

A.M. and were out of here!
My room is clean, (I'll get the rest of the house in tip top shape tommorrow morning when I come back for Dirt and the trailer)

The car is packed.

Oh wait I'm not going without my lilly. It fell over in spite of being tied up. Thanks to the rain. But I am secretly glad because I can never bring myself to cut them and they have never been so late that I have left for my Huckleberry Fest before they were all done blooming. *sniff* Ahhhh.

Bye, see you next week sometime?!?!


Dr.John said...

Have a good time.

Daisy said...

Have a great time, Lanny! :D

Melli said...

So when are ya comin' BACK already? LOL! No... no... you go ahead and enjoy yourself! I'll BE here when ya get back... now that I have a LAPTOP to take to the beach with me!!! ;)